COMING SOON: GHOSTWATCH 'On The Night' Special Edition Blu-ray announced for Australia & New Zealand

Lawman Productions
is excited to announce GHOSTWATCH is coming to Blu-ray for the territories of Australia & New Zealand [Region B].

Development of this exclusive release is currently in process, with a number of exciting extras [subject to change] primed to accompany the main feature:

  • GHOSTWATCH, unedited, with optional 'On The Night' continuity mode by which the iconic BBC1 Lambie-Nairn Virtual Globe ident will play immediately prior to the Screen One 'boulder' animation. An outro continuity shall also play following the end credits, making for the most authentic & immersive home release to date.
  • BRAND-NEW CAST/CREW AUDIO COMMENTARY featuring contributions from Ruth Baumgarten [producer], Gillian Bevan ['Dr. Lin Pascoe'], Sarah Greene ['Reporter'], and Lesley Manning [director].
  • THREE ORIGINAL BROADCAST TRAILERS featuring Sarah Greene – with special thanks to Ed Stradling at The TV Museum.
  • 1992 SUBTITLES sourced from two original off-air broadcast recordings of GHOSTWATCH preserved in the original Ceefax style – with special thanks to Jason Robertson [The Teletext Archaeologist] and Jim Lynn [VHiStory].
  • 31/10 – Stephen Volk's terrifying short story follow-up to the original drama. 
  • THE BROOM CUPBOARD – a long-lost clip now uncovered featuring Sarah Greene on Children's BBC, soon after transmission.
  • GHOSTWATCH: BEHIND THE CURTAINS – the feature-length retrospective documentary. 
  • RETURN TO FOXHILL – in which we boldly venture back to the original filming location and meet the new homeowners.
  • COLLECTORS' BOOKLET – featuring brand-new, never-before seen material expanding on the legend of Foxhill.
  • INTERACTIVE MENUS in which Ghostwatchers must navigate the GRD-1 Archive to uncover long-lost footage.

Updates on production and release can be followed via the @Ghostwatch Twitter account.